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For the first time ever I have shaved my head...bald. My hair had a patch in back, receding hairline and way too grey for my liking. I finally had enough and shaved my head. I like how I look, it suits me.


Anyone else take the plunge or considering it?

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At my age I'm just happier than a 2-year-old with chocolate ice cream to eat that I have some hair.


Although I've gotta admit I made threats of horrid physical violence to the barbers across the street from my workplace who insist on using mirrors to remind me what the back of my head looks like after a haircut.







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I have the forehead creep........creeping backwards.....


I gave up on a style and just do a short crew cut now.


What really killed me is in the summer I wear a visor.......problem is now, my hairline has crept back far enough that I end up with two little sunburn sports behind the visor..........





It was nice while it lasted.



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