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My first post here, and a story I suspect others have too. I've wanted a J45 for many years, and I've played more of them than I can count. Honestly, most sounded pretty bad, but not always the fault of the guitar. Bad strings, and a lot at GC had so much human goo on them they stuck to my hands. But....I never gave up and kept trying them. I came across a 50's reissue last year that was pretty darn good, went back to get it the next day and it was GONE. So, while Christmas shopping with the wife Monday in Denver, she must have felt sorry for me and let me go into GC. I headed straight to the high end acoustic room where they keep the Gibsons hoping to try a J45 TV, but spotted an amber burst J45 Custom in the corner first. After about 3 chords, I knew I had a special one. I favor rosewood, so that helped. Having learned my lesson last time, I put it on hold and went back the next day to spend some time with it. Then took it home. I know it's still the honeymoon, but this thing is fantastic. Loud and thumpy if I want, or soft and sweet. Wow! I have to sell a loved HD28 to keep it, but I can live with that. And it's still go the Gibson strings on it, so I think it may get even better. Not sure I can handle that. LOL

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ahhh just feel the love of the NGD!!!



I too wandered into a GC one day with some time to kill about 2 months ago walked out SMITTEN by a J45 Custom myself.


I've dared not to return... I've got GC Platinum card with $0 on it, and I'm quite afraid I'll use it!


Congrats Slope

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