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Gibson Melody Maker Colours


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I'm looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker 2014.


I just have a question about one of the colours.


On Gibson's official site I see there are 4 colours:


Manhattan Midnight

Wine Red



I've noticed that my local dealer carries them in an ebony colour?


Do they make them in that colour?


Just want to make sure it's not a knock off. I can't seem to find any other sites that carries them in this colour.


Here's the link of the model that I'm talking about:http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/gibson-gibson-les-paul-melody-maker-electric-guitar-lpmm14sesc1-ebony-lpmm142gsc1/10283053.aspx?path=4b37a187e55cc5ae32872d3cb9f0799den02


Some are saying that its actually charcoal but why would they be using a different model # lpmm14sesc1 instead of lpmm142gsc1.



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