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Used Gibson banjos in the UK


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I've been thinking of picking up a used Gibson RB250 Mastertone or an Earl Scruggs here in the UK, but I haven't had much luck in finding many shops that specialise in used banjos, let alone any that stock old Gibsons. I am hesitant to use the 'Bay' too, as I would like to try them & inspect them before buying.


A couple of years ago I was at a bluegrass jam night up in the Yorkshire Dales and everyone there had Gibson banjos and it got me thinking where did they find them? Looking back I wish I had have asked them as I would love to own one someday, but at the time I was happy enough with my old Ashbury 5 string banjo.


I know Gibson are no longer producing banjos, but there must be a few used ones for sale somewhere in the UK,... or would I have to order one from the USA? I see Elderly have a few in stock, as well as a couple of other US stores.


Any suggestions on good UK dealers or advice would be great. Thanks.

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