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What strings for a G-1275 Double Neck, 12 string side?


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I have a G-1275 double neck SG coming, and since I really like Ernie Ball 2223 Super Slinkys 9-42's on my 6 strings, I'm thinking of ordering some Ernie Ball 2230 Slinky 12-string that are .008*.008, .010*.010,.014*.008, .024w*.011, .032*.017, .040*.022w.


Anybody ever use these ... or maybe you have a better recommendation based on my preference for the 9-42s?


This'll be my first electric 12 string, so I'm hoping for some advice on string selection.

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Just so happens i too have an Epiphone G 1275 on order from zZounds. There have been several delays with the shipping since Epiphone has not yet shipped them from South Korea. But i am going to be patient and not cancel my order because these are quite hard to come by. I wish you loads of enjoyment with yours and look forward to my own adventures when mine arrives too. I hope you ordered the case at the same time. I can be found on Facebook @ Rich Firyn or also as, The Wizard Of Willow

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String choices are a "personal preference," but it may depend on what kind of 12-string sound you

want. Round wounds have a brighter, twangier, tone. Flat wounds (like Pyramid Gold's) have a more

glassy, subtle tonality. I'd recommend 9's, rather than 8's. The octave G string with 8's is pretty

flimsy, and often breaks, quite easily. With 9's, it's much less a problem, in my experience. For

my Ric 12's, I like Pyramid flat wound 9's. But, I like the old "Bryds" and "Beatles" tone, from my

Ric's. You may just have to do some experimenting, with various strings, to find the ones you really



Good Luck!



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I've ordered a set of each of the following:


Pyramid Gold 12 Light Electric Guitar Strings .010-.0465 flatwound

Pick of the Ricks Custom Compressed Wound 12 String Guitar Set for Rickenbacker .010-.042

And a set of the Ernie Ball 2230 12-string Slinky Nickel Wound Set (08 -40)


Supposedly these "Pick of the Ricks" are what Rickenbaker sells on their 12 strings (???) and I found them all on Amazon at reasonable prices for doing trials.


So far, from what I'm reading ... flatwounds or the Ricks are what 'seems' to be the most recommended, but I really like the Super Slinkys on my 6 strings, so @ ~$8 a set .... I ordered a set of them too.

Like you said ... I'll give them all a try and see how it goes.


There is an interesting article I stumbled across here: 12 String Electric Guitar Tone Secrets.


My G-1275 is a closet queen of 2005 vintage, made in the Saein Plant, Korea.

It has the older style bookmatched flame maple top (which is barely visible in the pictures), the older style Epiphone E logo tuners and the SG truss covers.

It's coming in a non-Epi, reinforced case ..... that looks like it's ready for the zombie apocalypse!

Although I think I really would have preferred the sleek looking Epi case with the big E logo on it.

But we'll see ........


Here are some pictures:














Should be here next week if the weather doesn't stop the USPS.

I'm boning up on Stairway .... ;)

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