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Money 4u - long shot - please help.

Bruce Buick

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Collectors - please help and make yourself money doing it.

I’m looking for my ‘63 Firebird Model 5, serial # 153918


I will pay $500 bucks to know where it is and be put in touch with the owner AND just to see it again.

No flake. Not rich. But I have a lot of collectable gear and money in hopes to buy it back.


But, again, $500 bucks to know where it’s at and maybe hold it once more. It was my first good guitar that I wore out. Owned it for 23 years. You won’t be able to fool me with another. It’s one of one unless some nitwit refinished it. It’s probably sitting in a collection because it had a unique semi unplayability problem that a professional player wouldn't tolerate.


Please keep this serial number handy.

Thank you very much.



My shop:

Rock ‘N’ Roll Engineering





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Thanks guys. Now technology is probably here to be able to do that. Those RF tags being put in sales goods and credit cards? Wonder if that'd work. BTW - that's the guitar in the avater. From a live show in June, 1978. Chippewa Lake, Ohio. Band - the original Pegasus. Those guys had that name for tens years before I joinded them in '78. They always made a big deal about being the "original" Pegasus. (band of course.)


Probably hard to prove ! :-k

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Man this really sucks!

I know how it feels: had a beautiful Gretsch stolen out of my truck

14 years ago in Vancouver BC.

I checked all the pawnshops next day with no success.

One pawnshop gut told me: "... forget it, they sell it to shady guy and

he takes it across the border..."

Bloody low life junkies!Steal something, get some cash and head

for the needle exchange and shoot up.Shoot them all!

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I have many stories about this 'bird, but to make it clear, it wasn't stolen this time, I sold it to fund my move from Ohio to So. Cal. in the fall of 1984.


Here's a twist tho'. A few years earlier it had been stolen from my house. Man, was I heart broke. It was seven, eight months later in the dead of winter I get a call from one of my best friends, a guitar nut like us who used to hunt for cheap deals on good guitars.


It was a competition really. Every week we'd be trying to one up each other with what we had found in some newspaper ad or whatever. Man, was that fun. Lots of SG's, LP's, mint one owner stuff like 1940's Gibson lap steels with matching amps. Our average find would cost between $50 and $200 bucks. It was always about spending the least for the coolest stuff. Around Akron/Kent Ohio there was a LOT of stuff. I still have a low serial number Echoplex. Which was made not too far from where we lived.


Anyway, this winter day Dave calls me and says, "What was the serial number of your Firebird?" and of course I'm off the hook right away cause I know he wouldn't be asking me if he didn't have some news. I said 153918 WHY!?


And in his typical Dave half whisper half Guiness Draught drawl, "Man, I'm holding your guitar."


He had driven over to a Barberton pawn shop to see if anything good had come in, and damn, he had found my baby.


THe thief had signed his real first andf middle name as a whole name on the pawn ticket. Cops picked him up and slammed him in jail.


You see why - I never should sold that guitar. ](*,)

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1981 or so in Brady Lake Ohio. That's Vinnie Goldthwaite on bass. His older brother used to be in a band with Joe Walsh before Walsh recorded "Yer album."


I used to tell people the old man in the picture was my grandfather who was our spiritual look out.


Lookin' out for loose women......

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