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Do you never feel embarassed?


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A lot of people use Billy Gibbons as an example of quality tone from light strings, but seems to me his tone is pretty much a$ these days. Don't get me wrong, he's still a bad mofo, and I love his playing, but the tone has suffered over the years. Whatever he used on those first four albums is what I'd be sticking with! Just sayin'


yep. back then, he didnt use 8's. and just plugged straight into a tube amp. nowadays, it's 8's, and theres a whole lot of stuff between him and the amp.

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I have always played 10-46 but as already discussed in a previous tread, due to the fact that now a show means 2h of playing as guitar lead, and specially due to the fact that with a 15 months old baby, almost no time to practice at home, I used to had my fingertips destroyed, even bleeding sometimes after a show, I have decided to switch to 9-46 which is very comfortable and fine for me now.


But I have growed with SRV music and so all the interview in the magazine about how good it is to play with heavy gauge, especially for Blues Rock Classic Rock stuff. and almost all the players I like are/were playing at least 10-46, 10-52, 11-48...


So it bother me even embarassed me when I think that now I play a ridiculous 9-46 set.


I know that it is comfort that has priority but ...

It is stupid but sometimes I feel kinda like 'OK, I am playing these children gauges, so I can't pretend to play the blues' :)


Did anyone already think/feel the same?

I use 10's on my Rics and 11's on /Gretsch LP

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