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eko 12 string help


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hi folks ,

a friend of mine has been given an old eko 12 string .

The saddle is adjustable and needs replaced . The high E wasn't seating and someone has filed it to try and make a slot for the string. didn't work .the string now sits lower than its partner beside it. There is also now a little chip out of it beside the slot.

is there a place that sells parts for these things ? UK preferably. am hoping he can just order a saddle drop a new one in.


what's under the truss rod cover ? an allen key or a nut?

Also has a buzzy fret that looks like it needs a wallop with a hammer to seat it correctly again.


any ino on these old things would be appreciated.



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I very strongy doubt there are any drop in saddles available. Probably best to just get a bone blank and shape it.


I did some extensive work on a Vox 12 string back in the early 90s but I don't remember what the truss rod was like.


As to the fret, give it a little tap just to see if it will re-seat. If it bounces back out of the slot, you still might be able to super glue it. I suppose it SHOULD be removed, the slot cleaned with lacquer thinner, blah blah blah.... I prefer taking the least intrusive route first; if it works, Bob's your uncle.

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Looking at photos of the Eko adjustable bridge, it looks very similar to the Gibson one, and may have been copied from it. If so, it is possible that one of the modern aftermarket Gibson ceramic or bone adjustable saddles might fit.


For reference--and this is taken off a 1968-vintage rosewood Gibson adjustable saddle--the saddle is just about 78mm (3.07") from the center of one adjusting screw to the center of the other, and about 6.5mm (just over 1/4") wide. The slot for the saddle in the top of the bridge is slightly larger, of course.


The Gibson board radius might be different, but maybe not enough to create a problem.


It's worth checking out, in any case.


If you need any more dimensions, let me know.

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EKO made the Vox guitars so maybe you could see what the board radius of one of those was. Might very well be the same.


As already noted, more than likely you are going to have start with a blank and shape and set it yourself. Personally I would just take the guitar someplace and have somebody do a full setup for you.

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Eko has re-issued the Ranger--which is probably what your friend has. The new six-string Ranger still has the adjustable saddle, but the modern 12-string has a fixed saddle. It is quite possible that the new six-string adjustable saddle is the same as the old saddle on your friend's guitar.


You should be able to find the UK distributor for the guitars online, and you may be able to get a factory saddle. Since these guitars have apparently pretty much been in continuous production since the 1960's, they could possibly have NOS saddles available even if the new factory adjustable won't fit.

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There's a name from the past for you - Eko.


If I didn't own a truly abysmal Kyora Hummingbird copy in about 1972, a friend's Eko six string would have been the absolute worst guitar I have EVER seen or played, so I can ONLY imagine a 12 string!!!!!! And Gibson/Martin/Fender dreams............well, anything but those 2 guitars.



But these days, I would take it to the local guitar tech and have the action at the 12th fret reduced from about 3 inches to something nice - same advice for the Eko 12 string problems, BBG.

(I was reading somewhere recently that the old Ekos are now collectors items and quite valuable, can you believe it- which to me shows some kind of illness.)





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Firstly , thanks to you all for the help. u shall pass it all on .

The fact the they are selling rangers now with the adjustable saddle could prove very fruitful.


The guitar was bought by my friends father in law early '70's in Belfast .it still has a little plaque ,where gibson now puts it's decal for historic etc. , with the shop name and their phone number. He was the only owner until now and though he gave up gigging many years ago the guitar , apart from what I've mentioned, is in great condition. It was dirty and had rusty strings as is proper for a guitar that hasn't been looked at in 30 odd years , but the action is really nice on it BK. It doesn't sound like a million dollars or anything ,but I've heard worse.


as far as my non-luthier eyes can see it needs nothing more than a new saddle ,and perhaps nut, The frets knocked home ,and perhaps a truss rod tweak.

The tuners are not smooth but maybe that's emanating from the nut n saddles problem ...or it may need new ones.

will try and sort the other things out first before we go mad and buy tuners.



cheers folks. you're all very kind.

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