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New Gibson for Christmas


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Well, my Wife bought me a new Gibson for Christmas - A Gibson Bar Stool!

The Stool is actually great for sitting playing guitar on, but when I opened the box to assemble it, one thing really made me laugh! The side of the box proudly proclaims "Gibson American Made World Played" but when I pulled the seat out of the box, the first thing that I saw on the bottom of it was a large sticker announcing "Made in China". It just seemed kind of funny to me. [biggrin]



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If Obama makes a Free Trade deal with China we'll all be doomed.

Economic Apocalypse.




In the eyes of Chinese consumer Gibson is #1 guitar. Only if they can afford the real deal. Just owning one is a status symbol in all Asian countries pretty much. Some don't even play them, they are like trophies.


Strange but true another status symbol in mainland China is a Buick. They have a license to manufacture them. Even better though for number 1 face is a USA (Canada) Buick.


OP: Nice stool, thank goodness it'd not a sample[rolleyes]




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