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Neck Width on Sgs


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hi all new here ,

I have always been a Fender player but in the last year I Got a Les Paul Classic with a 60s tapered neck and have really been into using it at live shows.

I decided an SG was in order. I bought a used Sg 61 reissue on eBay and was disappointed as the neck was much wider than I expected ( I was thinking the 61 reissue

Slim taper neck would be the same as my Paul width wise )

what Sg is out there that would have a narrow width neck ? I've done a bit of research on line but it's very confusing . I'm told late 60s SGs have a narrower neck with but I can't afford

A high priced vintage Gibson right now .

I would appreciate any suggestions ..I would consider a Special if it have a narrower neck width .

many Thanks and Happy New Year to all ...LEE

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Welcome, to the Forum, Lee! I have 4 SG's, and they're ALL the same neck width. They do vary in thickness

every so slightly (being hand made), from guitar to guitar! But, the nut width is 1.69-- spec'd on all current

SG's. I used to own a '68 SG Standard w/Maestro, and it had a narrower nut, but "fat" (in thickness) neck! Not

at all uncomfortably fat, but not the thinner (thickness wise) '60's neck that the '61-64 versions had.


Best thing to do, is go try a LOT of SG's, of different models, and find "the one," that has everything you

want/need! Good Luck! Besides, trying them out, is 1/2 the fun, right? [thumbup][biggrin]


Gibson says the 2015 models have even wider necks, so you may want to stay away from them??? I don't know.

Mine ('61 "Satin" SG Standard, "Original," Kirk Douglas Custom, and '61 LP(SG)Tribute) are all 2012-2013 models,

and all based on '61 spec's. The Kirk Douglas model has the same bevels and horn tapering, as my 61's, but

has 3 pickups, and a "Bat Wing" pick-guard, as well as the "Custom" split diamond head-stock inlay.


Good Luck, on your quest! [thumbup]



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Bit confused on what you mean by "neck width". I wonder if what you are refferring to is the same as what everyone else is. That would make it more confusing to you.


There is "nut width", meaning how wide the neck is there- based on, obviously, how long of a nut fits That's a way of communicating the width of the fingerboard.


The "profile" describes the overall shape. Along with that, we might describe how much wood fills your hand or how much to get around as "thick, thin, fat", etc.


Bad news for help here, is that there is no one spec for an SG neck. They are all over the place, as much as any guitar. Every available profile and width has been offered and made in the SG's. You are better off reading the individual spec for the guitar, if it's available.


Same goes for your Fender.


If you bought this used, I'm not convinced that whoever had it or sold it to you might not have mistaken the neck shape.


Regarding the "60's" profile, there is a lot of variable there. some have more shoulder, meat at the edges, with a flatter back. I have a '96, an '07, and a '61, and they all feel different. I have also noticed that just a wee bit different actual shape can have a bigger impact on feel. Same with how the strings are actually spaced.


Do as CB says, and get out there and fill your palms, and surely, you WILL find it.

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Thanks for all the replies.

By neck width I mean side to side not thickness of the neck or neck shape .

As I said I have a 1995 Gibson Les Paul Honeyburst -Classic and the neck is PERFECT for my hands ( which are pretty small) I was expecting a


SG with a "slim tapered neck " to be as narrow at the nut.

I have an early 70s SG Standard (it's not mine but one a friend said I can use for ever , just not sell..go figure ) in that ugly walnut finish.

That thing has a real narrow width neck, almost like a Fender A neck . Are all early 70s SG necks so narrow or is this guitar a fluke.

I guess the best advice is to try ones out . Problem is there are a ton of SGs on ebay but I never see many used ones in stores at all .

Anyway I appreciate the help guys and if anyone else has some advice I'd appreciate it ....PS SG specials have the same neck with as Standards..

Cheers LEE www.leeboice.com

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My 61 reissue is 3/16 of an inch wider than my angus young SG at the nut.61 reissue is 1 11/16. Angus young is 1 1/2. Hope that helps.

Yea great thanks ..Happy New Year all ..I guess I'm looking for a 1 9/16 width at the nut.


Are there any SG Special models that are narrower at the nut ?


My first real guitar was a 68/69 SG special and I remember it has a nice comfortable width for my small hands and a rounded back profile.

I'm noticing on other boards that people are really confusing nut with with THICKNESS of the neck . A few have told me 61 reissue has a narrow neck.

It doesn't have a narrow neck , it's actually pretty wide it's just that its a flat thin profile and not a THICK neck front to back .The NUT width is wide for me anyway .

Anyway I'm hot for an SG that I can play and I'm looking at SG specials/classics .any help would be appreciated

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Well, I'm just going by memory here, and I don't have really solid info on years, but maybe you could find some stuff to look up or consider.


It seems in recent years, the nut width has been an issue more than most, and wide nuts have become a thing. I am going to make a guess, about the last 5 or 6 years maybe.


Of corse, you may well realize that in the 60's, narrow nuts was "in". But beyond that, when they quit with the super narrow nut widths, I think most electrics had a more narrow nut than most accoustics would, for sure by the 80's.


Said that to say, that for a long while, nut width wasn't all that much a feature or a spec that poeple cared about, and thus, I think a lot of guitars out there might not be 1 9/16, but perhaps slimmer than the spec for what they might be considered. But good luck finding out what it is.


I myself would be mildly interested to know what and when certain guitars had what for a nut width.

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I measured my SGs again with a better tool. Angus young guitars both have 1 9/16 nut width. Good guitars for small hands.

1 9/16 IS PROBABLY WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR Or slightly wider at most .How about SG specials/classics ect ..Any of them with 1 9/16 ?

thanx for all your help ..LEE

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Every other SG I have is at least 1/8 wider.about from the high e string over.

I saw on another forum that there are 3 basic SG neck widths 1 11/16th which I believe is the 61 reissue neck

1 5/8 and a 1 9/16s which is the narrowest ( like the Angus Young ...wonder what guitar carried the in between 1 5/8 ?

I'll have to measure the 70/71 Sg Standards I have here..Like i said it like a banjo neck at the nut..Maybe even a tab too slim..

I also need to measure my 2005 Les Paul Classic 1960 THAT NECK IS PERFECT

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1 9/16 IS PROBABLY WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR Or slightly wider at most .How about SG specials/classics ect ..Any of them with 1 9/16 ?

thanx for all your help ..LEE


While not a "real" Gibson, the first generation Epiphone G-400 (SG) has a 1 9 1/16" neck width (I just measured my '93). I have smallish hands too, and its the fastest, easiest playing neck I've ever played. If you can find one, and don't care about what the headstock says, it might work for you. The electronics would need to be upgraded like I did with mine (see signature), but they are great guitars once you get them set up right. I have some very nice guitars now, but I would take my heavily upgraded G-400 if I had to choose only one to keep. The neck is tiny and lightning-fast to play!

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