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Removing the under saddle pickup


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If your saddle sits on top of the pickup then after the pickup is removed the saddle will sit a bit lower in its slot in the bridge. This may make the strings too low and a new saddle will need to be fitted to bring the strings back up to their proper level. Also, if you remove the plugin end piece it leaves a hole too large for an endpin or a strap button. This would need to be plugged to accommodate a new endpin or strap button. It doesn't do any harm to leave it since it should interfere with your playing. Even if you sold the system on eBay, I doubt you would have much left over after having the saddle replaced and the hole filled to accept an endpin. If you want to sell it one day, the buyer would most likely want it in place. But if still desire to remove it, it really easy once the string are off. Only two things to be aware of: 1) the piezo pickup wire may not fit back through the hole in the bridge and soundboard. There may be a connector soldered onto the end. 2)the end piece may not come out easely. sometimes they are put on too tight making it difficult to remove. Be patient and things should go alright.

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