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Was anybody watching (or perhaps participating in) that recent ebay auction for that sunburst Gibson CJ-165? Man, what a cool little guitar. I was going to dig deep into the pockets to put in a bid. With about a minute left, I had my highest bid typed in, ready for the button to be pushed, and the highest bid showing for the guitar jumped up over my highest bid. [cursing] The foolish bidder at one minute gave me time to put in more money and increase my bid. Yeah, I had the time, but not the money, lol. So somebody got a nice burst, short-scale, 1.75" nut, LRBaggs under staddle, abalone rosette, CJ-165 for under $1200. It did have a "small gouge" on the top that was "professionally repaired," but it didn't look that well done. The photos were a bit limited. I guess I'm just going to have to cast my gaze elsewhere.... :-k


Oh, and Happy New Year! [smile]

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