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Is this Supreme real?


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There is a goldtop on eBay that is highly modified and going somewhat cheap. I am not good at spotting a real Supreme.




The only flags I see are a) no close up of the headstock front B) the angle of the grain of the wood on the back is irregular.


A lot of things look real. What do you think?

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It does look one heck of a spec... :blink:


Almost worth a punt for sheer effort... [biggrin]


The back would worry me...unless it is the lighting...


Bare Knuckles are highly regarded


If there is a watertight return policy


Could be a stormer... [thumbup]





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Looks legit from what I see, there is a headstock pic though not the best. Just ask for a better one. The back is fine, looks like its just the way the light catches the wood grain, since its an arched back. Nice price on this.

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