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NGD MusicMan Luke 3


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Thought I would share some photos of the new MM Luke 3 I got recently.


Private Dealer Network, Neptune Blue, with Dimarzio pickups plus a boost circuit.


Body is African mahogany neck is roasted maple.








Very Nice I had the Luke III but HSS version, olive gold, I missed it the perfect guitar for modern rock/pop music

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Thanks for the kind comment guys to answer your questions in no particular order


JDGM: Music Man is written on the bridge


RABS: Its the best of both worlds, the bridge position twangs like a Tele, 2 and 4 quack like a strat. Middle for rhythm and Neck pickup is very warm and jazzy


However crank up your amp or add some OD and its a screaming rock guitar, and to boot if you want more the pull out vol knob provides an active boost.


very versatile !


AWEL: I was originally looking for the olive gold but with 2 x HBs myself but it is out of production when I came across this one at a US dealer.

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