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A little advice from the pros...


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Of all the guitars I have owned over 40 years, I like my 2011 Gibson Midtown Custom the most. One of the main reasons is how it plays, and that is beacuse of the Richlite fretboard.


What you need to do is get over it, like everyone else on here that has purchased a Gibson with a Richlite board has. If you can be honest with yourself about it, go back to the store and play that guitar you like with the Richlite board and then play similar Les Pauls with rosewood and ebony boards if they have them. Unless you prefer feeling the grain and notchy-ness (yes, that's a real word, LOL) of rosewood more, the smoothness is of Richlite is similar to the feel of ebony.


There have been a lot of threads on here about Richlite, and most of the people that talk it down really have no experience with it - just a problem with change. I understand if someone wants a Ebony board on a LP Custom because that's what they've been building them with for 50+ years, just as I won't ever buy a Gibson without Nibs, but if it is a matter of quality, feel, or playability, Richlight is top notch stuff.


Good luck with your decision and new guitar.

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For me, Richlite has never been an issue. As long as a fretboard is smooth as a baby's bum, and the frets are ok, then let's play.


Well I agree so I think my choice (pending another play and comparison play next to my Dark Fire :) is made, I'm going for the new one as then its under warranty also.


Here it is just a different serial as its in the Birmingham store...



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