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Tumble in the wind - J.Frank cover


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Simple song with an enigmatic lyric that a few here might enjoy playing / singing.

I sang in the original key of Bb.So it's pretty low - if my growling annoys just mute the sound and read the Burmese alphabet on my T shirt.

.Jackson C. Frank - Tumble in the wind.

Enjoy the weekend.



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Was the low key choice to do with what harp you had ?

I know ,like me , you're never going to be a bee gee but that was way down low .

Not a criticism , I enjoyed it greatly . as usual.


Cool song , cool tshirt .


J45 sounding excellent. I got new earphones yesterday so I'm very qualified .

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Cheers BBG.

Interesting that you asked about the key. Originally I thought I'll have a go at the song in the original key.So last week I bought a Bb harp.Not so common, so I couldn't get a higher quality one.All I could get was a $9 Johnson. But it sounded pretty good.Some of the draw notes weren't as good as a better model...but ok.

As I learnt the song I thought...mmmm...bit low.

So I ended up recording in C, capo on 5...actually posted it on youtube..listened to it..decided it wasn't very good and deleted it.(the harp was better on that one though [smile]

Then went and did the Bb version which was an improvement...not sure why it worked out like that.Maybe because I'd listened to the original so much.

On the T shirt.I'm not much of a souvenir buyer but I had to use up some of the local moolah at the Burmese airport when I was leaving.I since found out that it is their alphabet.33 symbols..So they must have to learn their Aye, Bee, Cees and Shgergs??!!

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Enjoyed it FB. I have to lean how to play harmonica. I have one.... it just doesnt sound good when I do it :)

Thanks Salvatore,

You aren't trying hard enough with the harmonica! [smile] A guy full of music like you should breeze it in.Get a good one in the key of C.Like a Lee Oskar.

Then blow and suck away on a song in C until it sounds ok.

I reckon you should crack Harmonica 101 in 1 hour.I'm just a plonker at it but it's nice to add color to simple songs.

Then you can move onto Harmonica 102..Cross harp blues playing..if the blues is in E then the harp is in A- with most of the notes -draw- sucking.Apply the same interval across all keys.Give it a go!

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