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2015 Les Paul Standard Prices


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I was planning to buy a new Les Paul Standard this coming May. Now I see that they have increased by a huge amount in price to €3,099 here in Europe!


This is almost Les Paul Custom price territory and definitely pushes the Standard out of my budget. I'm going to have to consider the Traditional (still a hell of a guitar) or the Classic but i really liked the tonal options with the new Standards with the coil splitting etc....


I looked through the Forum but I haven't seen anyone comment on this. I personally think these prices are nuts. [thumbdn]

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Yes, the prices is outrageous, £2500 here in the U.K. When you look at some of the Custom guitars available for just a few hundred more {ES models etc) You could always wait until October to December before you make your move, because I have the feeling there might be a lot of 2015 models going cheap then.

There are quite a few posts (I know because I started some of them) showing reviews of those 2015 models. Good luck.







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