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Willing to bet you've never seen a Les Paul played like this...

Jimi Mac

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This one brings me to tears!


I had the fortune and blessing of seeing this fella live in person in an intimate even if slightly larger club setting circa 1994...





There just aren't words!


For a blind guy, who lost his eye-sight to cancer by age 1, (the same cancer that returned and so sadly took his life in 2008 just shy of his 42nd birthday) and subsequently had his eyes removed and had prosthetic glass eyes...


Just... How?!? msp_scared.gif


I SUCK!!! (especially compared to that!) msp_blink.gif


But this guy inspires me beyond words!!!


I miss him terribly! msp_crying.gif

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Jimi Mac,


Yes Sir. Jeff Healey was a monster at guitar. He was a horn player as well. An excellent musician he was. He had his own Radio Show covering Jazz and Blues on a Radio Station here in Toronto. He was a Legend. I have a bunch of his CD's and he is sadly missed. Years ago he played at a New Years Eve Show where various acts were featured. Needless to say he destroyed everyone else. Thanks for posting.


Sincere Regards,


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Jeff Healey was special. The first time I saw him, was just before the release of his first album. He played in a record store and I was front row, all of two feet away from him. It was utterly mind blowing.


Jeff is sadly missed.


I caught wind of him right around the release of his first album; ironically entitled; "See The Light." MTV was consistently playing the hit off that album called; "Confidence Man."



It immediately made me stand up and take notice... I just couldn't believe it! I'd never in my life seen anything like him (and haven't again since!) I was utterly consumed with amazement!


But when I heard the album's title track for the first time, I was completely blown away!


Hendrix had nuthin' on this guy!!!


When I saw him he was playing that Squire Strat with the Seymour Duncans... It was his main axe for many years...

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