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A lot (not "all") of the "New Country" and/or "Red Dirt" does SUCK! As does a lot of what's referred to,

as "Rock," these days! Most of which, is found on commercial Country Music Stations, and the

more mainstream "Rock" genre specific stations. It's ALL "cookie cutter," insipid, and banal...IMHO

(as always).


The Good Country is either the "old, original Country," or newer music, that's (generally) NOT on CMT,

or Country Music radio. It's a bit more underground, much like the great (newer) Rock. That's not

to say it's not as accessible, you just have to do a bit more research, than flicking on one's TV or

Car radio. What was once thought of as 3 chords, and a good little story, has now become 3 chords,

stupid, mindles lyrics, and pretty faces!


Again, IMHO.



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