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Wasn't expecting to pick anything up today, but I stumbled across this at a pawn shop, really liked it after trying it, and for the price I couldn't resist. GDP says it's a 2011, and is in really nice shape other than a bit of normal wear on the backside.







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I recently got one of these myself ... also in perfectly book matched honey burst, which is very close to your amber flame.


I need to take some pics of it (and a number of other Epis I recently bought) to do some NGD posts, but here is an advertisement photo of the one I bought off Reverb ...


The entire ad for the one I got (with some interesting "Nighthawk History") is here: Nighthawk on Reverb.


IMHO" it's a nicely built instrument, and just so darn versatile with the 5 way PUP selector 'and' push/pull coil splitting, especially when added to those very different sets of 3 pups. :)


I had read a report about one (and consequently seen a few pictures of them) that had issues with the bridge placement being too close to the PUP ('much' closer than the width of a bridge mounting plate's screw-head, at the closest point by the lower angle) and with an offset between the through holes and the bridge saddles, that evidently made full fingerboard intonation unachievable.

But from the pictures .... yours has neither of these issues, and it appears you also got a good one!


So ..... "Congrats" on acquiring a well built, beautiful, extremely versatile, Indonesian made Epi!! [thumbup]


P.S. An SG case fits it perfectly.

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