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Ripper Tortoise


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It looks like an original tort . Here's an original nitrocellulose tortoise shell from a 75 ripper I worked on. They do look black when installed most of the time.


I do not recommend putting it back on the bass if you care to know. They are prone to gassing out and destroying the bass. That's why the 75 was brought to men to rebuild.


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Thanks Searcy!


Since my bass is Tobacco Burst ... I'd like it to change it ... I've seen a few on the net.

Know anyone who might want the "bad" pickups?


Well .. one is half bad the other is dead on the meter.


Here's the two Rippers I have rebuilt lately. PickGuardian.com is a great place to get pick guards made.




As for the dead pickup, I would love to have them.

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