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An Interesting Read on The Sound We Hear


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PsychoAcoustics; yeah, I think I played with those guys before. They didn't know any of the good songs.


A tough read for a Monday morning. Definitely a two-cupper. The value of topics such as these is dependent on putting one's objectivity hat on. Again, another topic that illustrates the subjective nature of all things Sound. No need to poo-poo it, and say that it is the sort of thing that gives forums a bad name. It's a forum; read it if you care, leave it if you don't. Subjectivity is further complicated when human nature sways us to agree with that which reinforces our own beliefs. The "scooped mids" &/or guitar-as-cannon notion attributed to many of the big Martin dreads- could possibly be explained by what was described as going on in the Reverb article where perceived loudness was discussed as not necessarily just a volume thing, but a guitar with an innately specific eq.


Each of us has topics of interest to us within the realm of Guitariana. The topic of psychoacoustics, and how it can be manipulated in the studio is precisely why the (relatively) more simple nature of acoustic guitars appeals to some of us more than electrics. Humans can be a curious sort; always trying to dissect the intangible. This is one of those topics I try to not think too much about.



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Either, I disagree with much of this or, my ears are better at hearing bass than those studied.


I knew in high school that the woodwinds had to play louder than, or greatly outnumber the low brass.


Treble decays and disappears faster. Bass travels farther and longer. Musicians know this just like they know some people are tone-deaf.


I'm pretty sure the studies were done on the general population and not skewed toward audiophiles.

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