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Hey Folks-


As a newbe to LP's I'd like to get to know the many types and styles that are available. For instance- one of the things that got me interested in the LP Studio was a description i had read somewhere that essentially stated it was a LP Standard without the binding and asthetic appointments. If there is a page or link that (in an ideal situation for me) describes the various models or even does side/side comparisons- please let me know.


I'm way behind the curve when it comes to Gibsons...Thanks in advance!



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Hello Brian and welcome to the Forums.


The amount of model variations is so huge, it would take a lifetime to explain.


Click on the "Gibson.com" button at the top of the screen, and see "Products". Look for the specs, features.


Sorry, it's beyond me to help You with this.


Cheers... Bence

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yep, Bence is pretty much telling ya like it is.


The product span these days is pretty ridiculous.


If you want the basic LP standard with out the coil splits, auto tuners, modern weight relief, and with out things like the zero fret verses a standard nut, asymmetrical neck profiles, etc you would look to the Traditionals as these are more like what a "Standard" was before Gibson made these changes.


and you've pretty much got the gist of it with the Studio line. The typical studio wont have the bindings on the body/neck, fretboards with dot position markers instead of the more ornate ones you see on the Standards. So if you are looking for a bare bones LP that's more in $reach$ the studio offerings are where you'd look.


If you're looking for a more "Standard" Standard, look at the Traditionals.


The rest, seriously, I can't keep up.. it just makes my freakin head hurt.


and we've not even started the debate with the "signature models".. Oyvhey!

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LOL! Thanks you guys! Probably a dumb question out the gate; as long as I've been playing Fender Strats and Teles I don't know ALL the models, etc.


You both did help and thanks! For my next victim...er...selection I'll look toward the Trad's and the Studio. I'm in my "second career" money flow ain't what it used to be but I appreciate a well made and great sounding ax!


Thanks and cheers!



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yea Brian, Fender has jumped the shark too with this product proliferation thing. At least Fender kept the "standards" true to the word (I bought a Standard Strat last spring, it's a thing of beauty.)



My newest Gibson (SG Standard) is 2012 when Gibson went with Baked Maple cuz of the rosewood thing with the feds. That alone got a lot of discussion going.


I have two LP standards, a 95 Wine Red, and a 02 cherry burst. I'm sort of glad I'm not in your position where you've probably waited for a long time to make this purchase, and don't even know where to begin. Good luck in the hunt, let us know where you end up!



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Hi and welcome to the forum. I hope you'll have fun here!


Not much to add really as kidblast has (correctly) confirmed what you had read regarding the Studio range.


Just to emphasise how good these guitars are;

The 2015 series come equipped with 57 and 57+ p'ups. These are used on some of the top-shelf guitars.

The bridge and tailpiece are exactly the same as that used on pretty much any other USA-line Les Paul.

The top is 2-piece book-matched maple - which is just as it should be.

The 'board is rosewood and it has trapezoid inlays - just like the top-shelf guitars.

The rest - neck; body - is mahogany. Just like the top-shelf guitars.

It has 'Modern Weight-Relief' which (arguably) makes no difference to the tone but allows the instruments to come in at, typically, around the 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 lb mark.


Admittedly there are a few innovations certain traditionalists don't love about the '15 range but the guitars - seen objectively as instruments - are not to be faulted in any way.

The 'Studio' has regularly - and by a long way - been the best 'pound for pound' Les Paul since the range was launched back in 1983.



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The 2015 series come equipped with 57 and 57+ p'ups. These are used on some of the top-shelf guitars.


just to add.. my brother inlaw has a 2014 traditional with these pickups, I get massive tone envy every time I play this thing.


I'd love to get a pair, but-- @ about $200 a pickup, I'd have to want them REALLY REALLY REALLY badly..

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Hi Brian. Please play a 2013 LPJ if you can. THEN compare it to a Studio. [wink]


I tested a 2014 LPJ and a 2014 Studio when I bought the latter. The LPJ sounds a bit more flat and thinner, but rich in mids. The neck is fat (which is considered good for some guitarists).


I wonder what I'm missing from a Studio Pro and a Standard. I guess it's better hardware, pickup features and a bit of sustain.

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