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Pickups in 2015 Gibson LesPaul Classic

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Some people along with myself and Saberdog were not sure what pups were in the 2015 Gibson les Paul Classic. The Gibson site says 57 plus and 57 classic but all the dealers said 61 tributes. So I pulled out the pups in my 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic and they are Super 57 at the bridge and 57 classic at the neck. I believe saberdog did the same with his Classic and he had the 57 pups in his. I know they are alnico II but they are hotter than the 61 tributes with an alinco V. I prefer the super 57 and 57 classic set more than the 61 tributes anyway. So I think we got the better pup setup before they change to the 61's. I don't know for sure if they are changing to the 61's but it does look like that's what they are going to do.

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I agree as well. GREAT pickup combo. My 2nd favorite. But, I am eternally partial to the 490R/498T combo. [tongue]


I had that combo in my 96 gibson les paul but I put Zakk Wylde active EMG's (81/85) in it. I may put the originals back into it since I have a Zakk signiture Bullseye now.

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I emailed zZounds which is were I bought my 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic about the pups in my guitar. They ,along with many other retailers were putting that the pups were 61 tributes and on the gibson site it said 57's well I took mine out and they were 57's. I just checked zZounds site and now they have changed the pups to 57's. zZounds sent back a long email about how the manufactuar can change there mind at anytime. We're sorry for any inconvieance bla bla bla. I think it's funny 2 days after I sent them an email they changed there spec. for the pups in the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic. It's not an inconviance to me I like the 57's more than the 61's but some people may have been expecting the 61 tributes and didn't get them. Are the retailers just gonna give them the same long email and an apoligy for the inconviance? I'd be pissed spending $2,279 for a guitar and it not be what they said it was.

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