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Preamp in my Epiphone PR5EEB is not functional


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About 2 years ago I purchased used an Epiphone PR5EEB, semi-electric.


The guitar has been great. For the last two years, I've been very happy to just use it as an acoustic. Recently, I decided to plug it into my computer and use it with Garageband and other guitar apps. I put in a brand new battery, plugged it in but had no luck. There does not seem to be anything coming out of the wires. Additionally, the red LED on the pre-amp does not turn on. I double checked the battery was installed correctly, and it was.


I have attached photos related to the guitar and the preamp.


Any help in getting it fixed, replacing the amp or what not would be appreciated.





post-69987-049094300 1421421377_thumb.jpg

post-69987-090754200 1421421423_thumb.jpg

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Based on what a friend of mine did in the exact same situation (different guitar, same problem) I think the best option is to contact Customer Service and file a warranty claim, this should be covered (his was, but he noticed this about 4 weeks after he bought it)


Hopefully you can show that you're the original owner either with a sales invoice or if you registered your guitar using the warranty card. (which almost no one seems to do...:) )


depending on where you bought the guitar, they may still be able to help with some sales documentation.


Good luck, and let us know.

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