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I want to see your Hummingbirds!


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I bet there are a lot of Hummingbird owners on here. I bet a lot of you have posted photos of your Hummingbirds, but let's see them again, all in one place, and if you've never taken photos or posted photos... now is the time. :)


I am interested in comparing the various subtle differences in top finish, but mostly, I just want to see them. It helps me continue obsessing while I wait to get my own.

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While your on the topic of hummingbirds. I gotta say this 50th of mine is by far the easiest guitar I've ever played. Right from the factory. Never ever needed adjustment. Just a great neck


Gorgeous. I think that might be my favorite finish, of all-time on any guitar. It is sort of between the VERY red they used on the Quilts, but much redder than what they usually use on the Modern Classic.


The Modern Classic I played (pictured) and the Quilt I played (also pictured) were both extremely easy to play, like you couldn't really ask for more. Yet at the same time, I play pretty hard with a heavy pick, and I also fingerpick pretty hard/heavy, and there was no buzzing at all.

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Epiphones count! That's a pretty one. I see you have an LG-2 as well. How do you like it? There is one locally I'm going to play soon. I used to have a WM-00 I miss and wonder how they compare.


Cibby, that worked just fine, and that's a gorgeous Hummingbird you have there!

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Maple and koa! How do you like the maple? How does it compare to koa and mahogany for you?



The Maple is a Dove, so its much like every other Dove.




LOVE the Koa 'Bird, (but I prefer the Dove actually), but the 'Bird is VERY bright!



I've told this story here before..... back in the mid-60's I Worked in a music store. We got in a Hummingbird that I fell in love with, (at the time I was playing a Fender Jaguar and J-Bass, so no room for an acoustic).


Fast forward to the 80's. My bride bought me a Christmas present.... she KNEW I was smitten by a Gibson 'bird' guitar of some kind, so she bought me a Dove.... and over the years, I grew VERY fond of it. I still have


that Dove, (I just posted a video on the Acoustic Performances thread with it). It's special because she bought it for me at a time when we didn't have a pot to pee in, or a window to throw it out of!

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