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He's still got it


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Loved his Thin Lizzy work. But see what happens when you live next door to some of the worlds best whiskey distilleries! (actually, I wouldn't mind that at all, come to think of it now). lol


Jeez, he was 16 when he joined Lizzy! That's talent!

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I remember reading in his wiki page that although many folk associate him with his 1960 Black Beauty from the 'Live and Dangerous' snaps his favourite guitar is stll his '73 DeLuxe.

I think I'm right in saying the guitar he is playing in this clip is the DeLuxe (as he had a pair of original PAF's fitted to this instrument).




EDIT : Just double-checked his wiki-link. This is interesting! Didn't remember reading this bit before. It might have been added recently(?):

"On his VHS video "Still in Love with the Blues" Robertson is pictured with a vintage red Les Paul guitar, unusually equipped with soap-bar pick-ups and a trapeze bridge, although it does not feature on the video itself. Robertson's Facebook pagefeatures more information on this instrument: purchased by Thin Lizzy's manager in 1973, the guitar has an unusually lightweight body as it was built by Les Paul himself for his then wife, guitarist Mary Ford."


I'd like to see this one!


P again.

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In case you didn't know. The Live and Dangerous album was virtually all overdubbed.

Well....I made that point once before on this forum and someone came back at me very strongly, insisted it was all b*ll*cks made up by Tony Visconti and that there are live bootlegs of better gigs....

They could play, no doubt about that, unfortunately it seemed the dissolute lifestyle became more important to Lynott (and Robertson) than the music....shame but that's what it was like then as I'm sure you remember!

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