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ES339 pro microphonic in split coil mode

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Hi all:

Proud owner of a Pelham Blue ES-339 Pro.

Really top quality stuff on the build and finish side.

But when I split the coils to single mode, I'm getting some nasty squeally feedback in anything from moderate gain up.

I suspect the PUPs are just poorly potted.

Anyone else experience this?

PUPs are the stock ones.


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Well, "poorly potted" would be a matter of opinion or preference, as being potted in the first place is a matter of preference, rather than quality. Lots of quality pups are not potted as part of the design.


While potting does prevent feedback, it doesn't eliminate it. A semi-hollow guitar is more prone, and a hollow bodies guitar more prone than that. Depending on what you like to play, how loud, and what your amps settings are, it may be impossible to elininate it.


These are just realities, but as for judging your guitar and the pups, I couldn't say if they are more microphonic or not.


Personally, if I had a switch or a knob to pull where I could get feedback when I wanted, I'd be extrememly pleased.


Also, just another personal preference, using the volume knob and turning a humbucker DOWN often yeilds better results and a better sound than using the coil-splitting feature. Just another dimension to suggest for your tonal pleasure.

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Hi Stein and thanks!

I'm rather new to semi-hollows and your comment about them being more prone to feedback makes sense given my past experience with acoustics.

I'm actually splitting the coil to get a single coil spank for a few cover songs that are originally recorded with teles or strats.

I'll experiment a bit.


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I recently got a G-400 Pro that had s bridge pickup that was microphonic. I too, thought it was because of inadequate potting, so I repotted it myself. No difference. I realized it was the pickup cover vibrating, not the windings of the pickup, so I put a strip of the poster putty underneath the cover between the pole pieces. Much reduced feedback- you might try it.


Also because your guitar is semi-hollow, and a split pickup outputs more treble, that could be making the feedback worse.

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