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So today I gutted it. Took out all the cheap crap... pickup, pots, capacitor, jack, and wire.




I had a decent extra single coil in a drawer (GFS 70s model)... used a good jack, some CTS pots, a paper in oil cap and some cloth covered wire

(mojo ya know) and it's sounding pretty good. [thumbup] Used black speed knobs since the cover on the new pup was black.






I would like to ditch the generic lookign "fretboard" as well. There are replacement decals out there - just gotta look around.



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Sure do like the sound of a pedal guitar esp. when Marshall Tucker played "Fire on the Mountain. How close will a lap steel sound to a pedal?




It's not the same cuz you can't get those pulled string sounds. But the lap steel covers a lot of ground. It sounds great in blues and country and you can even rock it out quite a bit - depending on your tuning.


I love the pedal steel too. I'd love to learn to pay it. Maybe one day I can make the leap to that... :rolleyes:

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