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It's off to Nazareth to do the Martin Factory Tour today.


It's funny how I lived 20 miles away from the place for decades and never went but now it's road trip time. I figure that we'd better do it while the wife and I are still above ground.


As I'm trying to jump start myself awake with coffee (and running scales on my Martin) I decided that this fall we'll take a motorcycle trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway and tour the Gibson factory down in Tennessee.


It should be fun!

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Got a tee shirt and a key chain if that counts.


I also got to play quite a few Martins and like my HD-28V the best out of the bunch.


It's a really impressive place and the few people I talked to there all said it's just great to work there. The free tour lasts around 45 minutes, they have a pay behind the scenes version but you have to sign up in advance for it - I think it was like $200 and includes a kit guitar you get to build but I could be mistaken about the last bit. You'd have to ask them to be certain.


The museum is just tremendous and they do quality control checks at every department before they move it on to the next part. After the final QC check they put the guitars in the case for 4 days, pull them out and then give them a final QC check before they get shipped to the retailer.


Here's what the use on fret boards, by the way: http://www.ducksdelu...om/ddaxwax.html

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