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Dave F

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Congrats, Dave... any chance of a photo of the guitar in it's cozy new digs?


Also- 'did not want this NGD thread to slip away without giving kudos to MR GIBS for his enthusiastic words and for his fine playing on the Billie Joe version of the 180 (

. Krassi (MR GIBS) gets more comfortable, and finds a real nice sound just past the 1 minute mark, before the capo stuff. I don't know how this was mic'ed, but those fresh strings really compliment the sound of the guitar. So does the guitar operator ; ) .


One part about being into acoustic guitars; it's easy to get stuck in the comparison mindset of how different woods, bracing styles, things stuck to the top of the guitar, etc, change the sound of a guitar. Krassi is fully aware of all of this; he was in the room when his luthier demonstrated his process for voicing guitar tops in the YouTube video I linked to in OWF's Warming up a guitar thread. Yet, he really connected with that J-180 he played in that Sofia music shop, and it sounded wonderful.


Dave, congrats again, and have an enjoyable NGDWE.

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