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Funeral Tomorrow


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A man I have known and respected for over 4 decades died a couple days ago in a tragic accident.

He fell off a ladder and died a short time later in hospital.


It makes one pause and think about life doesn't it.


Wherever possible, stay on good terms with people.

Every day tell your spouse and children that you love them.


What other wisdom can be drawn out of tragedies like this?

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I agree with Robert, the only wisdom that can be drawn from tragedies, that life is short, don`t waste time on regrets, anger, or sadness. Spend time with the ones You love, and do what You love to do.


Because: mors certa, hora incerta.


Please accept my condolences.



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Yeah man, for sure, you never know. A good friend from high school's dad retired, bought an RV and traveled around the country with his wife.

After a while he got bored and took a job as night watchman at Peterbilt. One night he slipped on a freshly mopped floor...


You gotta remember the good and try to bring out the best in yourself and those around you... and be disappointed sometimes. C'est la vie.


My heartfelt condolences.



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