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I wanted the sound of a Les Paul with the playability of a musicman-style neck. Naturally, I would never tingle with my Music Man, but I did have an EVH Wolfgang Special lying around...


Unfortunately, the Wolfgang is only routed for the pickups already in it. Essentially, the pocket doesn't fit anything else, so I had to decide whether I should install the gibson pickups without covers on the mount of the EVH pickups, or I should expand the pockets to fit regular pickups and fit pickup-frames as well. I went all-in.




The pickups are a 57 classic and a 57 classic plus. I also changed the pots from EVH 500k/250k to Gibson 300k/500k along with a few minor aesthetic details. around the guitar.






Naturally, it will never sound exactly as a Les Paul (mainly since it's not mahogany), but it's close!

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That's a really cool project! I dig it. What is it you like about the MM Neck so much?




MM necks are much narrower than say.. Les Paul necks (especially the 2015 models). My hands aren't that big, so this helps me a lot. The fact that it's unfinished also makes a great difference to speed, but that does come at a cost, though: You might notice a slight color-difference on the before/after images. This is because, I treated the neck with oil and wax - something you have to do relatively often with an unfinished neck.

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