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I've never been a "guitar snob" mostly because for most of my life I couldn't afford to be. And over the decades I've owned some pretty sorry guitars. But was always happy to at least have something to thump on. Now that I'm older, kids raised, home paid for etc, I've been able to indulge in the name brand higher end quality guitars I always wanted. But I still keep and actually regularly play a cheapie guitar. I bought this Epiphone PR-150 used for $60. to use as a travel/camping guitar. And actually kind of like it. So I decided to spruce it up a bit. 1st came a cheapie replacement pickguard from ebay for about $5.00. Due to the obvious finish similarity I went for one similar to that on some Gibson Southern Jumbo's. And then since I had gone part way on making a cheapo Southern Jumbo look-alike. I bought fake fret marker inlay decals to finish the job. Also from Ebay for about $12.00. I think it looks much better now. I also shaved the saddle a bit and made the already decent playing guitar play even better.


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