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Epiphone SG G-400 sound issue


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Hello.I am a proud owner of an Epiphone SG G-400 Vintage worn cherry finish.


Recently,when i was playing with my band in Athens and after a few rehearsals, we went to a recording studio to get some songs and test our own band's music.

While we were preparing to start recording,all the people there and me were noticing some noises coming from the speakers. While playing,and after 2-3 seconds from hitting a string, i had everytime TV-snow like noise and it was messing around the sound quality.

We were checking the cables and the output jack,but nothing.

After some research i found out by what most people told me,that it was the pickups that were producing that noise. Some told me that i need to clean them up,others told me to change pickups.

I am short of money,so i need more opinions before wasting money.


Any solution to my problem?

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Welcome to the forum. :)


You say you were playing with your band for a few rehearsals. You heard no Noise coming from the guitar during those periods?

If it sounded fine then, and you heard the noise only after going to the studio, I would think the problem would be something other than the guitar.


Have you played it since? How does it sound back at the place you rehearse?


It might help to know your set up at the studio also. Were you micing an amp? Going right into a board? Using FX?

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The noise was in the rehearsals but i didnt notice it in the beginning but my friends did.


In the studio it was obvious the noise was present


I did changed my guitar to the studio's electric guitar. It was a 79' Gibson Les Paul The Paul (discontinued model). The difference was like Oh my God!

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If I were you I would start by making sure all the wiring (knobs, switches, jack, etc) are properly connected and in good working order. If you don't know how I'm sure your local guitar store would check it over for you and probably repair it for a small affordable fee. However, if the wiring is fine you might have to invest in some new pickups, would be a good chance to upgrade on the stock ones.

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