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more overdue NGD Pics


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Prompted by Flyer91's post recently, I figured its about time I got pics of the current motley crew of family guitars assembled to share:


1969 Epiphone solid guitar fitted with a 60's Epi mini-humbucker - My #1 guitar for covers band. Awesome little instrument.




1983-4 Aria Pro2 RS Standard - My backup/Eb Tuned/Open G tuned #2 for covers gigs and #1 for originals in Eb tuning.




1961 Gibson Melody Maker - Hope to make #2 for covers with swap-in of a hot P90 to match the Epi's mini HB - like the Epi its very light and same scale length.




Daughter's Epiphone G400 Lefty - Bargain of the century (about $115 US equivalent / 75 GBP) and in really good nick.




Son's mid 1970's Aria SG copy - lightest solid guitar ever made? - a bit flimsy and only really usable for learning on to be fair.





so there you go - all except my #2 Aria (which I got c1990) have been purchased over last few years as we have started learning guitar - Melody Maker and G400 very recently purchased.

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