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NPD... and a question


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Greetings... been a while since I've been around. This place gives me bad gas (even worse than I'm already prone to).


In any event, I just bought a used Colorsound Wah Wah... absolutely love it. It's from the early seventies and being a huge Deadhead, was looking to nail Jerry's early 70's wah sound. It certainly does the trick! Huge sweep, growly lows, a nice volume boost when engaged, super quacky... again, JUST what I was looking for. But...


My question is this... I hate batteries, and was hoping to wire a female battery clip directly to a 9v adapter. Is this do-able, or more accurately, advisable... anyone try this? I'm comfortable soldering but my electrical sense is lacking (at best). If anyone could give me a "suited for idiots" explanation of how to do it... thanks. I know that you can buy the little adapters but given that I think I have all the supplies to just make one, that would be my preference. Gracias...

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No need to permanently modify a vintage pedal. This is all you need. Just leave the bottom off.





That's what I do. And if the bottom plate is flexible like it is on the Crybaby and Vox wahs you can just run the wire out of the side under the battom panel and screw the bottom back on.

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