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RCT, I have one of the vintage sunburst models. Mine is really nice. The neck/fretwork is better finished than my Gov't Series LP and playability out of the box was great, just tuned it up. The P90s are reverse wound so they are humbucking in center position, but you can play with the tones, clarity, and level of hum cancellation by raising and lowering the two volumes. I've really enjoyed the amazing variety available in what so many consider a one trick pickup. I have a Gibson with coil split classic 57s and the effect is not the same, the tonal variety is different.

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A studio with P90s. If you have one of these, tell me why I absolutely need one. I have a nice les Paul. SG. Explorer. Got no P90s for some years now. Tell me why I should just bite down and buy one.






Perhaps you don't "need" one, but you find a good deal and get one anyway... (like I did) although mine is the 2013 version, not the earlier one which was actually called "Studio" (in 2010 or 2011?). What's the difference anyway? ...besides the pick guard.

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Perhaps you don't "need" one, but you find a good deal and get one anyway...


I did. An Epiphone '56. Neck fits my hand perfectly, the P90s in it just scream.



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Yeah.. no one really needs one.


BUT I think for the money they are one of the best guitars you can buy, full stop.. The Goldtops especially for some reason (and is what many of us went with).... it just looks spot on for what its meant to be...


Of course if I could get a full on GT re-issue then who wouldn't want one.. but that's way outta my price range... The tribute gets you most of the way there... really.. I think they are amazing guitars...


As for P-90s. as has been mentioned.. its kind of a personal thing but for me theres just nothing else that has the pure grunt of a P90.. they just rock probably more than any other pickup I know...


I have two P90 guitars and two Hummer guitars so I say you need both :D


I mean look at that.. that was £750 brand new... I look at it as almost a gift from Gibson... And I think that's why they stopped making them (well like my one anyway (natural back and rosewood board) cos they are so nice why would you go custom :)


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