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Need advice on buying 1st SG

Junior Jr III

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I'm getting my first SG, a Special. Here's my dilemma, I have in my possession a 2004 SG faded cherry with ebony fretboard. It needs a bit of a setup so it's not quite a dream to play. But I like the look and the feel of the ebony fretboard. I notice that the neck gets pretty wide near the body. Is that the norm for SG's? I've got 30 days to evaluate although I've already paid for it. Right at $440 total.

Now I find a 2012 Special brown faded for sale locally. I haven't seen it in person but it looks like it might have fewer scuffs than the 2004 and it looks like a rosewood fretboard.

Asking price is $400 for the newer one.

So, with very little of my own SG, what might the differences be? The neck width and feel would be the main factor for me. Is there a difference in neck width between the two?

If I go to the trouble of checking out this 2012, is there something "special" that I should look for?


Sorry, no pictures at the moment. Maybe can post over the weekend.

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That would be totally up to you! You should evaluate each guitar on it's own merit,

and make the decision, that way. Tone, how well it plays, then cosmetic condition.

(Any guitar you play a LOT, will get some dings, and scratches, so unless it's a real

disaster="Beater," I wouldn't worry too much about pristine cosmetics, as a major

factor...but, that's just me!)


The Special with the Ebony boards are a lot more rare, than rosewood boarded versions.

Does your's have "dot" inlays, or "crescent-moon" (which are even more scarce)? Uniqueness,

may factor in your decision (or, not)? So, just some of things to consider! But, over

all, Tone and how well it plays, would be the 2 biggest factors, for me, anyway.



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Thank you for the quick reply. Neither has the moon inlays and I didn't even know about the ebony until I received it, so that was a nice surprise. I definitely am most concerned with how they play. If it knocks another $70 off, I say bounce it off the sidewalk [tongue] Then I don't have to cringe too much when I bang it into a wall.

They both have the same pickups, right? 490T & 490R.

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Take a look at this site. You may get more of the information you require, here?



I know some of the earlier "specials" had '50's (fat) necks, and tended to be "neck heavy"

as well. But, some SG's of ANY era have a tendency toward being neck heavy. No big deal,

a good strap will sort that out! So far, I've been very fortunate, as none of my SG's

are neck heavy, at all. Most are well balanced, to slightly body heavy.

But, never uncomfortably so!



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My acoustic has an ebony board and I really like it. I don't know about the specifics of the two specials you describe, but I'd keep the one with the ebony board because that's a special thing.

I think that's the one I'm going with. The other seller has had plenty of calls on the 2012 so it'll probably be gone before I can see it. That makes it easy [thumbup]

I've got an ebony board acoustic too. A NV-390 that I've had for decades. Very easy to play, no rosewood divots.

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