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Little River Band "It's a long way there"


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Great song.


But it always makes me think of an old band I was in. One of the guys wanted us to do this song and had worked all the parts out for everyone to play. He put a lot of time working it out. But, no one else in the band wanted to do it. Not that we didn't think it's a great song, but we didn't think the bar crowds where we played would get into it. The band overruled him and he got his feeling all hurt. [crying] I felt bad for him and probably would have gone along with playing the song. It does have some great guitar parts. But certain members were dead set against it.

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They're a very ecclectic or unique band.


I've always loved "Lonesome Loser." I think it was my themesong in high-school... :blink:


They really have some great stuff, but it just doesn't classify well and is very unique.


They wrote alot of smash hits that made other bands/acts popular household names...


Glenn Shorrock has a good sense of humor...



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I was a HUGE LRB fan in the 70's and early 80's. Unfortunately they started a downhill slide when they lost their PHENOMENAL bass player George McArdle in 1979 - and, like Kelly, I kind of lost them when Glenn Shorrock left they band.


Interesting thing about the original long (8+ minutes) studio version of 'It's A Long Way There' is that the lead guitarist, Rick Formosa, recorded all of the lead guitar work in ONE TAKE! Great work - he can play in my band anytime!

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ONE TAKE? whoa! that's talent. can you imagine anyone today doing that?



was recorded in one take...


That has the hand of God written all over it!!!


But I guess that no longer qualifies as "today," does it, considering that he died in 1990?


I guess I'm gettin' old older... [unsure]

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