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Orange have re-voiced the Crush series


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Very nice sound's in deed.

The first practice amp I bought was a Fender Frontman 10, had to bring it back after not even two months.

The gain button stoped working.

I waited for repair over two months, then after waiting without no news from the store I went back to make a surprise visit.

But the one who was suprised was I when I discovered that they didn't even send the amp to the repair.

So I told them they could keep it, and I would look for another one.

First I almost walked away with a Roland Cube with some built in effects. But then I thought wait what is this funny looking

orange thing in front of me?

It was a Crush Pix 12L, and I was realy surprised how good this little amp sounded, in comparison to the Frontman.

Well the lack of effects is compensated by a real good tone for a SS practice amp with a 6 inch speaker and a very nice build quality.

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I have the Crush PiX35DXL. I like the OD tones; it surprises me how touch sensitive they are for a SS amp. I also like that the gain is preamp, so you can gain up to clean channel as well as the OD channel if you like a clean with a little extra bite.


I don't care for the headphone tone. I don't think the output is buffered and it comes off rather sterile. I do like the tones out of the speaker though. I played mine at my church gig, where I play lead.


To be fair to FZ Fan, the last few times I played it live, I put a Boss Super OD in front of it and optimized the amp gain for the clean channel tone; then kicking in the Boss provided a nicer OD tone.


The Crush has a great digital reverb, very lush at only 3 or 4, surfy at 5 or 6 and out of this world spacey beyond that.


Listening to the video, it seems Orange fixed the headphones issue of the previous offerings. They have cab simulations now. Way to go Orange.

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