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Joe Pass "Summertime"


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Joe was one of the (if not THE) MAJOR influences on me to want to be a Jazz Guitarist when I grew up. Well, I'm still working on both, and probably having more success on the jazz guitar part than the growing up part!


Got to see him live in the early/mid 80's on a bill with Oscar Peterson, Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald. I still rank that show as the greatest concert I ever saw.

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Just Supreme.


His 'Portraits of Duke Ellington' is one of the finest Jazz albums I've ever heard. In fact you can drop the word 'Jazz' from that statement and it still holds true.

I first came across it back in the late '70s and I find it's magic is as fresh today(*) as it was back then.


Great to read that some of you got to see him when he was at the height of his art.




(*) yesterday, to be pedantic.

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