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Paypal scam.


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I almost got caught just now. I had an email saying I'd paid Skype £39.

So I logged into my Paypal from a new tab and there was no payment there. So I called Paypal and they said it was a Phishing email trying to get my Paypal details. If I'd clicked the link at the bottom and logged on. they'd have had my Paypal details. Take note and pass it around.


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I'll also bet that if you hover your mouse over the link it won't show to be going to the same address that is detailed in the email. I can guarantee it is going to another URL that clearly has nothing to do with PayPal in the domain portion of the URL/address, but might instead use their name beyond the address file index slash...


A little common-sense goes a long way...


We get spam emails here nearly daily from one scammer or another using registered trademarks and similar color schemes as well known major financial institutions from major banks to investment firms stating nearly identical circumstances to get you to follow a link that will give them your info.


Anything addressed to; "card holder" or "account holder" or "member" is a scam. All these places where you have an account have your name and information and will address you personally in any communications. I never knee-jerk react even when I'm being "threatened with immediate actions" or threatened if I don't take "immediate actions."


It's meant to make you act without thinking first, under duress fearing financial repercussions... It just doesn't happen like that in real life, you will get notice after notice after notice from any real financial institution...


I just delete these emails and login to my actual account from scratch and see if anything is up.


Also most all of these institutions have a fraud reporting email address that you can forward these emails to. I forward them all the time so that the fraud protection entity within these establishments can bring their full weight to bear on them and usually these fishing sites are shutdown in a very short time as they are defrocked. They utilize the US FBI here in the states and that get the attention of not only the FBI, but also the treasury dept. and the IRS because you know these folks aren't reporting the ill-gotten goodies as income to be taxed properly...


They have to shutdown quickly in order to avoid serious intrusive detection and being identified for criminal charges.


Do our parts and forward these emails and any such communications to the financial institutions in question so they can take care of business. It's our responsibility as a partner in our own consumerism, lest we be taken advantage-of...

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