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This should be lesson #1 for guitar players!

Mr. C.O. Jones

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Well yestarday I finaly went to a new guitar store in town.

Was searching over the past week for a good strap.

My problem was not only that I wanted a nice looking strap, since I installed the Schaller locks i couldn't use my old cotton strap with plastic locking system.

This strap was not the best but it was confortable and didn't slip too much.

A realy cheap looking/feeling Gibson nylon strap took his place.

Didn't buy it, it's the one they put in those Gibson bucket clean set's.

Well to the point, while playing I had to lift all the time the neck to a natural position.

Tried my new strap when I got home after work and it was like: Wow I can focus on playing!

And there are more advantages the new one is padded, much more confortable on my shoulder.

And the backside of it it's rough untreated leather so it doesn't slipo anymore.msp_laugh.gif



And that's why I think in every guitar book for beginner guitar player lesson #1 should be.




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The suede strap in my avatar was a great strap. I don't know what happened to it, but I'd like another. Surely it's down to the weight of the guitar and the width of the strap to spread the load. There are dual shoulder straps out there and I often wonder if they'd be comfortable. https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=two%20shoulder%20guitar%20strap

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...lesson #1 should be.





My favourite strap is now 35 years old and it's just a simple, unadorned one-piece length of nubuck leather thing. Wide, very pliant and the untreated reverse means no slippage whatsoever.

Incredibly comfortable and durable. I've been trying to find another for years.


The best I've found recently was in London's Denmark St. Can't remember the brand but here's the logo. It was only around £20 ($30) into the bargain.

Solid leather front; suede rear; 4" wide (and very long if you are a Page-iste).

As can be seen it tapers towards the front strap slot so that the width doesn't interfere with thumb-work;





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AMEN brother!

I have GOOD straps for all my guitars AND strap locks for all electrics (Schaler). (these are not $150 dollar straps but, no nylon, plastic etc straps, all around 25 to 40 bucks a pop) it's sort of gets expensive, not like I have 2 guitars.. (more like 20)...

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