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Old Gibson Amp (EH 180 ? )


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I'm new here. This is my 2nd attempt at this posting. Just learning my way around. I have come across an old gibson tube amp that I can't get any info on. The previous owner (now deceased) wrote EH 180 from the 40's on it and sounds great except for some background noise. I would like to change the caps but the values have faded on a lot of them and I can't find the schematic. The tube compliment is 5U4, 6V6,6F6,6V6,6SN7,6SJ7x3. Very similar to the GA-40 except for a 6F6 instead of 6V6 ( same pinout). The tubes stick out the back of the chassis rather then the bottom and the black facing of the chassis has only a Gibson label above the jewel light. Everything looks original except for 3 prong power cord I added. My photo files are too big to upload, even after compression. Any info would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any info. MG

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