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NGD ... Ampzilla!


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The head for my Egnater Tourmaster 4100/412A amp/cab showed up today.

The cab is being truck freighted and should be in Fresno in a few days.

So for now I'm using the 412 cab from my Fender Mustang V half stack.


The Fender cab has 4 12" Celestions, but they're kind'a like Paris Hilton .... in name only ;) but in fairness, are actually not too bad at all.

The Egnater cab will have 4 of the 12" Celestion V30 black labels. [biggrin]

When I went to play through them and this head at GC, I knew immediately I wanted this amp ..... even though they did have some 'significant' teething problems when first introduced in 2008.


It's 4 channel mega tone machine, with multi voicing from classic to modern, independent volume, contour, EQ, and gain for each channel, a spread of power distribution from 10 to 100 watts, with settings at at 100-50-25 and 50-25-10, that are set independently for each channel.

So .... it has the ability to have awesome classic clean tones on one channel, still classic but with mild overdrive on another ... either with or without more headroom, modern OD sound with/without even 'more' headroom on a 3'rd channel, and up to all out full power with max headroom for a full tube OD lead channel (for example) ... and/or all of this with tube breakup while still at low 'practice volumes'.

I can set it's different channels for classic mellow, to full tilt "rock the ridges" up here where I live in the Sierras (if I feel the need) all at the same time, and switched by the 6 button footswitch.


Tube send/receive spring reverb, tube send receive FX with both serial and parallel switching, external tube biasing adjustment with panel mounted test points, 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker selection, and a record line out with cab emulation level control, for either studio recording or driving a PA without the need (or drawbacks) when using a mic.


In the pic's below, I set it up on a studio cabinet rack, to use the FX in that rack, but found with the different voicing and OD channels ... I didn't really need anything else to cover the spectrum from rockabilly to metal.


Anyway, I'm trying to keep ahead of my NGD postings .... so I don't end up doing another mass "NGD dump" like I did recently with the newest guitars I got over the holidays.


The first shot below is a stock photo of the head and cab ...





Here it is on one of my studio cab-racks ....










As indicated ... I'm waiting on the 412A cab to get here. It's scheduled to be delivered on Monday, but when trucked items get to Fresno they can take a few days (or even more) to get a final ride up the mountain, so once I get the call that it's in Fresno, I might just drive down and get it myself.

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