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I have a 1982 Gibson Victory MVX. I bought it brand new in 1982. I have had it tucked away for years as I wandered off to play bass... Now I'm back into the 6-string dream after all these years and have pulled out this beauty to play again. One thing I found is that it has a very unique bridge. It is all stock. I found a "locked" forum on here stating exactly what I am looking for as the poster describe it exactly (http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1). Not sure why post is locked...


From all the research I have been doing the closest I could come to a description is a 3-position Nashville tune-o-matic. What makes this unique are three things. 1) The bridge saddles are synthetic, not all metal. 2) The bridge saddles are removable. They have a set screw in the center (vertical adjustment) of the saddle that you have to move the string to the side to adjust. 3) On the underside of the bridge, it has three holes for adjustment. I believe this is the "Nashville" (3-position) characteristic but not 100% certain.


I really want to keep this original but to do so, I won't play it much if I do. I would like to make some non-intrusive mods and keep the original hardware tucked safely away. I would like to update the bridge for two reasons. The synthetic bridge doesn't set well with me. Seems like it would suck the tone out of it. On the other hand, I am interested in swapping electronics in it. The reason is the pickups are fairly bright and have a very high pitch feedback with little gain on any amp. I have been told the pickups have not been "potted" or dipped in wax causing the harmonics to be more sensitive. Ok fine, but the pickups are still a little ball-less IMO. Back to the synthetic saddles in the bridge... I'm guessing Gibson may have placed the synthetic saddles in this design because of the pickup harmonics. Less natural resonance to effect the non-potted pickup characteristics. Just my theory and I'm no sound engineer.


Years ago I found another post on the Victory MVX noting that the saddles could be replaced with all metallic saddles. That was several computers ago and have not been able to locate that post since. I have also found one of the set-screws is missing.... Who know's... It is a flat-head on both side of the screw. Very unique indeed. This is my last resort in 1) Finding metal saddles replacements (brass or SS) 2) Finding replacement set screw. So, I am looking to find a drop-in replacement of the existing bridge and moth-ball the original. That is if no one responds to my questions regarding saddle replacements or set screw. I did measure and looks like the same specs as 2012 LP Tune-o-Matic.


Does anyone on here know of where I can get parts for the original Victory MVX bridge (saddles, set screw)? Also, if you know this answer, than you will probably know where I can get a HSH or HH pickguard replacement (black)? I want to pull original with electronics in place and put in pickups of choice as a replacement.






PS: the picture in the link I shared is almost identical to mine. The tuners are the only difference. It is currently in shop getting frets worked on at time of post. I will take new pictures when I get it back...

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Hello everybody


I also have the MVX, '81 model I think. I replaced the bridge pickup some years ago, but now I want to reinstall the original one. Just have to wax pot

the three of them since they are squealing like hell.


Unfortunately, the master coil tap switch broke some years ago, so a tech replaced it with another one (not original, as far as I know).


First question: Does anybody know if it's possible to get hold of an original switch?


Second: Does there exist a wiring diagram for the electronics? I'm thinking it's a bit more complicated with that switch involved.




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