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NGD! Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro

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Lovely. [thumbup]

That in the Casino Coupe version will very likely be my first archtop when the time is right, and I think I'll be switching from chrome to black covers on the P90's when it happens.


Scales, I was eyeing the Casino Coupe, originally. Then, I stumbled upon these ES-339's, and I was instantly swayed. I like the dog-ear P-90s, but I am finding I like the soap bar variety better these days.

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Sorry for the delayed reply, I just got back on this forum.

And I just received my wine red P90 Pro From MF.

Right after I placed the order I had contacted a local luthier to see if he would have time to take a look when I got the guitar.

But, the guitar arrived pretty much ready to play. All I did was lower the strings a bit, check intonation, and then pug it in.

It will probably be a while before the luthier sees this one.

I did add pointers under the knobs, but everything else is great, even those "Epiphone" labeled Grover tuners.



ps: does anybody know what the nut is made of? It looks like corian.

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