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Yardbirds on tour?

the dog

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Looks the Yardbirds are doing a 50 year celebration tour with original guitarist Tom Topham (before Clapton) and drummer Jim McCarty.



I might have to go and see them when the come to Connecticut.


Yardbirds founding member Chris Dreja, who played rhythm guitar and, later, bass, had to leave the reunited edition of the band due to health issues. Original drummer Jim McCarty called on Top Topham to take Dreja’s place for the group’s upcoming 50-year celebration that will include U.S. dates in 2014 and a U.K. tour with other British Invasion artists the Zombies, the Animals, the Spencer Davis Group, Chris Farlow, and Maggie Bell.


Topham, who was the Yardbirds’ original lead guitarist, before he left the group and Eric Clapton joined, is also gigging with Top Topham’s Early Yardbirds, which also includes Simon Van Downham, formerly of Herman’s Hermits.Topham says, “The material is some of the early tunes, played in that period style, and we also cover some Otis Rush, Snooky Prior, and Howlin’ Wolf blues in the style of the early Yardbirds.”



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Well. IF this "Yardbirds" is going to play their songs, in that "Vintage Yardbirds" style, it would be great!


I never cared for the more recent incarnations of "The Yardbirds" as they sounded like (essentially)

every other "blues rock" band, with "shredder" lead players, etc. MUCH prefer the original style and

sound! It was very distinctive! Sorry, to hear about Chris's health issues. And, I So Wish Keith

Relf was still with us! It would be great, if (at some future time) they could do a tour with Jeff

Beck, and Jimmy page, together! [thumbup] I got to see the original version, several times, back in

the '60's, with both Beck and Page, playing together! That was pretty awesome!



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Keith Relf, Lead Singer & Harp Extraordinaire passed so young. His Voice & Harp playing was incredible. Clapton, Page & Beck were huge on their Records as were the rest of the Group.


I saw them live in Va. way back in 67-68. Never forget that Concert. Larger than life!


I wish them well on their 50th Anniv. tour.

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