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2013/2014 Transition Burst

Johnny Rockit

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Ok so after my 50 year courtship with Les Pauls I finally broke down and bought this 2013/2014 Transition Burst in Sunrise Teaburst. Although I have owned many lesters (still own 22) and my first was a 59, I always let someone else take the hit and bought used. After trying over 25 R9s I found this one at a smaller privately owned shop that has been a Gibson dealer for 30 years or so and the owner hand picks what he sells. This one stood out, looks, playability and tone. As I said I have played and owned some of the best but this tranny is as the younger guys say "the bomb". First one other than my 59 that needs nothing done to it, I normally throw a set of Tom Holmes 455/450 pickups in them but these Custom Buckers seem to do the job.


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